Feelings vs Facts

What goal are you currently working toward achieving? If you’re not working toward anything that is a whole other post for another day…but if you are working toward something, how often do you FEEL like working? Most times my feelings do not line up with the facts. In other words, my life is based on faith, in a belief I have of something that I have never seen or touched. My life is based on what I see with my spiritual eyes and sometimes what I feel does not line up with what I know and there is an internal struggle to keep going. We are spiritual beings in human bodies, we labor to strengthen our spirit but we are still human. We have emotions, we worry, we stress, we get angry and sad. Having faith does not make these things magically stop happening, it just gives us the comfort of knowing that these things are only temporary. Like anything, you have to work for faith. I’ve been working on getting healthy since the end of last year. Every day I make sure that I do some type of physical activity. I have researched foods to eat to give me energy and help me burn fat. I watch videos of workouts to get new ideas and keep myself engaged. I’m losing weight slowly but steadily. This is not happening by accident, it’s happening because I am being intentional about putting forth the time and effort to achieve a goal I have set for myself even when I don’t FEEL like it. Some days I really don’t want to work out, I just don’t feel like it, but by the time I’m thirty minutes in my whole mood has changed.  We will not always be motivated so we have to learn to be disciplined to achieve the things we want. We have to stop thinking of faith as some magical superpower of the brain that will make everything that we wish for come to pass. Faith is action, faith is a decision to push through in spite of how we feel, faith is certainty in the face of uncertainty. When your feelings don’t line up with the facts, speak to them. Encourage and love yourself like you love your children or the people in your life who are closest to you. Know the facts, the facts are you are a child of the almighty God! There is nothing you cannot do with His power working through you. If you’re afraid, speak to it “God has not given me a spirit of fear but of love, of power, and of a sound mind”. If you’re worried about your future speak to that worry “I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”. Train your mind to control your feelings. I always tell my kids “manage your emotions”. I say it to Janiah so much she mouths it as I say it. What I’m trying to get them to understand is that it’s easy to let your feelings overtake you but it’s not healthy. Often times we let the way we feel dictate the things we do, say, and think. We should acknowledge our feelings, then move them to the side and allow ourselves to make decisions based on the facts. In order to make decisions based on facts you have to know the facts. So if you believe in the power of God, if you believe there is something greater in this life for you, get in your bible and learn the facts so that when the enemy comes against your mind you know how to fight him. After you get the facts down ask God what He wants you to do, and begin to put in the work to realize your greatest potential and birth your best self. Greatness costs what it costs and it doesn’t happen by accident!

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